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Graduates and Students

At Shamrock Civil, you can explore and develop your personal and professional potential through our Graduate and Work Experience programs.

Graduate Program

We strive to create a flexible and people-focused work environment for all of our staff. With this in mind, we are able to offer graduate employees:

  • A mentor for guidance through projects
  • A real job with a real support mechanism where individual contribution is invited and respected
  • Provide the opportunity to excel whilst providing challenging and practical work
  • A work environment that is flexible and individually focused whilst still providing countless and diverse opportunities

We are flexible in our approach to commencement dates following the completion of degrees and will work with the individual to personalise their program.

Outline of the Graduate Program:

  • Paired with a mentor
  • Two year rotation to ensure the graduate gains exposure in project management, estimating, quality, survey, health and safety
  • Promoted to a Site Engineer

Work Experience Program

Our Work Experience Program is a step in the right direction for those students looking at constructing a career in our industry. Students are given an opportunity during their university holidays to gain real exposure to civil engineering and are paired with a Project Manager to mentor them along the way. Many of our students are offered full time work after graduation and then have the opportunity to enroll in the Graduate Program.

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