Stewardship of the environment and the communities in which we operate have always been a priority.
We are committed to working with local communities and leaving a lasting legacy through the infrastructure, employment and training we offer. We do this by self-performing as well as engaging with locally based suppliers and owner operators. This policy, which has been in place since our inception in 1994, serves to optimise the opportunity for local input with flow on effects in the training and development of locally based staff engaged on our projects.
Shamrock Civil understands the social, environmental and economic implications we place on local communities and endeavor to optimise the benefits for those parties involved. We strive to deliver tangible benefits to the local people and contribute to the growth and development of the areas in which we operate.


Shamrock Civil actively supports a range of not for profit and community based organisations throughout Australia each year, raising much needed funds for these very worthy causes.

Local Buy Corporate Golf Day

Shamrock Civil supports the Local Buy Corporate Golf Day each year, which aims to bring together organisations and local government members, providing an opportunity for industry professionals to network and participate in a social game of golf.

Our Charity Partners

Get in touch if you’d like to let us know about a worthy cause