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Shamrock Civil is focused on delivering quality outcomes, which satisfy client needs, are within budget, without delay or defect, and exceed client expectations.

We are able to achieved this through:
A thorough understanding of our client’s needs and expectations and linking these to quality objectives, which are communicated to project and support teams and inform planning and development
Understanding the risk associated with our activities and the impact on our stakeholders and the environment, ensuring implementation of effective process controls
The implementation and monitoring of processes which are effective in achieving predictable results
The engagement of suppliers and subcontractors who have demonstrated an aligned commitment to quality and integrate their specialised activities into our system of controls
Strong engagement with our clients to improve the opportunity for feedback, which is measured and the results are promptly acted upon
Our process of continual improvement where we take our lessons learned to refine our systems and grow our knowledge and capabilities
The commitment and professionalism of our people who are empowered through strong leadership to:
  • Utilise smart and well established practices, so they have the freedom to act with responsibility and accountability

  • Continually improve personal performance and opportunity by openly discussing problems and issues

  • Contribute their knowledge and experience to foster creativity and innovation

Shamrock Civil’s quality management system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 and is third party certified.

View our Quality policy & certificate here