CLIENT: Lockyer Valley Regional Council (via. AECOM)
VALUE: $1 million – $5 million
DURATION: May 2014 – Nov 2014

Scope of Works

  • Engagement of consultant and management of design process for a double span bridge 38m in length (2 * 19m spans, 4.2m width)
  • Construction of bored permanently lined piled foundations.
  • Construction of cast in-situ abutments, wingwalls, central piers and headstock
  • Installation of DTMR standard pre-stressed deck units, grouted and transversely stressed.
  • Construction of kerbs and installation of railings to QTMR standards.
  • Construction of scour protection as per design.

Project Details

  • Shamrock Civil Engineering managed the design and construction process for a concrete bridge to replace previously washed away Clarke Bridge.
  • SCE provided full design, construction and certification of the new bridge structure which included
    • Engaging and managing designer to provide a fit for purpose bridge structure to DTMR Standards.
    • Engaging Piling contractors and Precast Contractors and managing them to ensure top quality product was delivered on the project for both SCE and the client.
    • Developed Quality plans with the client and designers to ensure full transparency and accountability in terms of quality on the project.
    • Excellent safety record on the job with no LTI’s.
    • Excellent community engagement during the construction process – Thornton State School was the project immediate neighbour. The students from this school were engaged with activities and took part in the opening of the bridge on completion.