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Meet Our Leaders

Say hello to our Executive Leadership Team.

Together they have significant construction expertise spanning decades of experience. This has been integral in the continued growth and prosperity of Shamrock Civil.

Andrew Kerr


Andrew Kerr is a construction manager within the construction sector with extensive experience in managing large complex civil projects. Andrew is responsible for all aspects of the business, from strategic planning through to business development and delivery. Andrew works closely with Shamrock team members to ensure all projects are delivered safely and exceed client’s quality and program requirements.

Leslie Zeeman

Managing Director

Shamrock Director, Leslie Zeeman is a civil engineer with extensive specialist experience in consulting and contracting.
Before joining Shamrock Civil Engineering in 2005, Leslie commenced his career in the consulting industry with a South Africa consulting group who ultimately merged with an Australian consulting company, O’Connell Wagner, forming the Aurecon group. Leslie was with Aurecon for six years before starting a construction arm for a plant hire company. Two years later he moved on to become a co-founder of a South African consulting firm, where he served as a director until he moved to Australia in 2001.
His experience led to him building skills in all areas of civil engineering including design, contract documentation, management, finance and industry relationships at all levels. He has a keen eye for technical detail, overseeing design proposals where required to ensure that industry standards are met. Hand in hand with his wealth of consulting and construction experience, Leslie has been involved and managed contracts from inception to completion at the highest levels.
Leslie is a collaborative leader with exceptional and diverse business experience. His focus is now to manage Shamrock’s asset portfolio including properties, earthmoving equipment and vehicles in addition to overseeing Finance and Human Resources. Leslie believes the key to achieve success in all spheres of life, is to maintain good relationships with a collective approach focusing on integrity and comradery.

Brendan Kealy

Managing Director

Brendan Kealy successfully spearheaded Shamrock Civil from its foundation in 1994 until 2006 in the capacity of CEO. Currently a Managing Director of Shamrock Civil and construction expert, Brendan is focused on international acquisition, business development and the implementation of strategic plans across Shamrock Civil’s operations. Brendan is a hands-on problem solver with a high rate of achievement and an appetite for new challenges. He has been instrumental in the development of our operational capability and project portfolio in Papua New Guinea, North Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory.

James Moore

Chief Financial Officer

Serving as the CFO at Shamrock Equipment & Shamrock Site Services for the last 3 years, James has recently taken on the role of CFO for Shamrock Civil. James plays a major role in providing direction and developing strategies for business growth. Through his commitment to this previous role, James helped Shamrock Equipment & Shamrock Site Services create systems that met the needs of the ever growing business. James comes from a finance and IT background with over 20 years’ experience working within the mining sector. His goal is to improve the financial forecasts, budgets and streamline business processes. Before joining the Shamrock team, he was accounts manager at Hancock Coal Pty Ltd from 2011.

Sean Keane

Commercial Manager

Sean Keane commenced his career with Shamrock Civil Engineering over 10 years ago as a Contracts Manager. He worked on a variety of projects in the resource, commercial and urban development sectors. As Commercial Manager, Sean now ensures that Shamrock Civil Engineering properly identifies and manages all Head Contract and Supplier risks. He drives the development, maintenance and implementation of our job cost reporting system and commercial, contractual and supply chain management systems.

Manfred Até

Chief Information Technology Officer

Errol Wong

Chief Estimator

Nick Sandwell

Operations Manager, QLD Defence

Nick Sandwell joined Shamrock Civil in 2006, working his way from an undergraduate engineer, he is now serving as the Operations Manager for QLD Defence. Nick plays a major role in building ongoing relationships and overseeing our major Defence projects. Through his commitment to this role, he has helped Shamrock improve business relationships, retaining clients & contractors, and driving down project costs.

David Carney

Operations Manager, SEQ

‘David Carney is an experienced engineering professional who has been working in the field for over 20 years. He joined Shamrock in 2004 and has since developed a wealth of expertise in various sectors including Infrastructure, Rail, Defence, Health, Gas, and Commercial. David is a dedicated engineering professional who brings extensive experience, a strong focus on health and safety, client relationship management and a drive for achieving optimal project outcomes to his role at Shamrock.

Steve Lewis

Operations Manager, SA & NT

Jack Walker

Operations Manager, VIC

Mick Campbell

HSET Manager

Mick heads up our HSEQT team across Australia and has worked in the construction industry since 1994. Mick has a passion for positive workplace culture and Mental Health and actively participates with several industry groups. Mick has a proud team that align with Shamrock’s Safety for Life philosophy and his passion for positive workplace culture and this remains a strong foundation for Shamrock’s success in maintaining safe, environmentally friendly workplaces.

Bow Wibowo

Scheduling & Resource Planning Manager

Nyssa O'Loughlan

Head of HR/IR

Nyssa has embarked on a diverse and fascinating career journey that seamlessly blended the realms of construction and the dynamic world of film and television. Her professional journey commenced with a period at McConnell Dowell, where she delved into the intricacies of the construction industry. However, a compelling desire for a new challenge led Nyssa to make a daring career shift into Casting and Production in film and television. It was during this phase that Nyssa discovered a profound interest in the human element within work environments. The entertainment industry's dynamic nature provided a fertile ground for learning, and Nyssa embraced the challenges with gusto working on award compliance, industrial relations, and contract writing in the fast-paced world of film and television, where she also honed the invaluable skill of adaptability. In between captivating projects, Nyssa took on additional contracts, showcasing her versatility. Notably, she contributed her skills to Mitsubishi Development in the coking coal mining division, gaining insights into yet another sector. The journey into Human Resources at Hastings Deering further enriched her understanding of the human aspect of various workplaces. The pinnacle of Nyssa’s career in film and television includes contributions to seven feature films and one memorable children’s television series. The wealth of experiences gathered during this period laid the groundwork for her return to the construction domain. Since 2012, Nyssa has been an integral part of Shamrock Civil Engineering, as a results focused leader and HR Generalist, Nyssa brings to the table a vast expertise in legislative compliance, industrial relations, talent acquisition, administering and monitoring renumeration procedures and more. At Shamrock, Nyssa continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the positive and productive work environment that the company is known for.

Keith McNutt

Survey Manager

John Delaney

Plant Manager (Shamrock Equipment & Shamrock Site Services)

Shane Osborne

Maintenance Supervisor (Shamrock Equipment & Shamrock Site Services)

Shane began his career with Shamrock Civil in 2010, gaining unparalleled experience on various worksites across Australia, while also establishing himself as a respected leader. Originally employed as a diesel fitter, Shane quickly rose through the ranks and eventually spent a number of months overseeing a major civil construction project in PNG. Currently working as the maintenance supervisor for Shamrock Equipment, Shane is widely known for his machinery knowledge, tenacious work ethic, and team leadership.

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