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Shamrock Civil demonstrates our commitment to employees through a range of practical, forward thinking and focused initiatives, including both formal and informal training and development opportunities, as follows:

Tertiary Education: Shamrock Civil encourages employees to undertake further study in areas such as civil engineering, accounting, business administration, quality, human resources and marketing.

Traineeships / Apprenticeships: Shamrock Civil supports and encourages our team to undertake further training and professional development. These programs include Certificate 3 and 4 in Civil Construction, diesel fitting, pipe laying, road construction/maintenance and bridge and marine construction.

Logan City Council Tertiary Bursary Program: This program provides a source of financial assistance to students in Logan City wishing to undertake tertiary studies. Shamrock Civil currently has students in this program and we continue to support this training and development initiative.

Our commitment to providing ongoing personal and professional development opportunities for our staff extends across all disciplines with subsidy of relevant approved courses, supported by a genuine desire to see all Shamrock Civil employees realise their full potential.

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