CLIENT: Cleanaway
VALUE: $1 million – $5 million
DURATION: Jul 2017 – Feb 2018


Shamrock Civil Engineering was engaged by Cleanaway to undertake the construction of Cell 4B at New Chum Landfill. This follows on from our successful completion of multiple landfill projects in Melbourne.

Scope of works
  • 180,000m3 of subgrade preparation
  • Construction of compacted clay liner including 32,600m2 of lining systems (GCL, HDPE & Geotextile)
  • Construction of Leachate collection system including perforated polyethylene pipes, leachate sump riser, 300mm thick aggregate layer and separation geotextile material
  • Construction of anchor trenches including backfilling

Geo-synthetic Clay Liners (GCL) are very susceptible to water damage, therefore Shamrock Civil Engineering monitored the amount of liner being placed and placed the liner on the open front trench. This ensured no water got beneath the HDPE, which would have affected / damaged the GCL. The project was successfully completed with zero LTI’s recorded and no environmental breaches.