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Aviation Refuelling Vehicle Facilities

Aviation Refuelling

Vehicle Facilities Tank Demolition


RAAF Base Townsville, NQ


Duratec Australia

Duration of Project

September 2019 – February 2020

Contract Value


Shamrock Civil Engineering (SCE) were awarded the project for the civil works package for the Aviation Refuelling Vehicle Facilities (ARVF) project at RAAF Base Townsville. The works included expanding the overall footprint of the refuelling area, constructing building foundations and the placement of new pavements.

Scope of Work

  • Demolition of asphalt & concrete paving, kerbs, security fencing and stormwater infrastructure
  • Clear & grub area & strip 364m3 of existing soil
  • Excavation to appropriate design levels for piling, slab & concrete hardstand
  • Supply & install subgrade to provide required bearing capacity for slab & asphalting works
  • Importation of clean fill
  • Offsite disposal of surplus & contaminated materials
  • Excavate for slab, pad footings, service trenches, bollard footings
  • Level and compact surface for ground slabs
  • Concrete supply and placement. Concrete pavement constructed underneath new ARVF shelters to provide suitable parking surface for ARVtankers
  • Stormwater drainage, water and sewer main relocations, electrical and communications services trenches and conduiting

Project Complications & Achievements

SCE proposed a change to the building foundation footings that allowed ease of construction, reduction in program delivery, greater access for the concrete pour while maintaining all structural integrity. SCE identified that the RLs provided were incorrect and advised the client prior to progressing works to allow relevant design adjustments to be made. This project was successfully delivered with zero LTI’s recorded.