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Brisbane Landfill Phase 1


Landfill Phase 1


Rochedale QLD



Duration of Project

May 2020 – August 2020

Contract Value

$1.4 Million

Off the back of a successful 6 year working relationship with Cleanaway; Shamrock Civil were awarded a contract at the Rochedale facility to construct a high efficiency stormwater basin, dirty water drain and associated road pavement. The attention to detail was acknowledged by our client when they confirmed that the standard constructed by Shamrock was the standard they wanted to see across the business.

Scope of Work

  • Modify the existing stormwater basin at into a high efficiency stormwater(HES) basin
  • Construct 2 earthwork spillways bunds and extend the northern end batter. Place rock to to the footprint of the basin, including the internal batter walls
  • Stormwater RCP’s and RBC’s to manage inflow and concrete works including level spreader at the top of a bund and a CTB for forebay floor and maintenance ramp
  • Construct east road pavement
  • Construct 600m of a new pavement alignment. Pavement constructed on an existing landfill cell. The pavement subgrade was with Tensar
  • Dirty water drain
  • A cut to fill operation to achieve the design drain and bund. Rock pitching is placed to the bund and drain to prevent scouring

Project Complications & Achievements

The size of the design scour protection in the HSE basin was 40mm stone. We proposed a larger 75-150mm rock to reduce the risk of the smaller 40mm stonewashing out. Assisting in the design and constructing of a ‘koala’ drain to the East Road embankment.