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Hardstand Works


Canungra QLD


Department of Defence (Augility)

Duration of Project

March 2020 – May 2020

Contract Value

$1.1 Million

The Department of Defence (PDS Contractor Augility) awarded Shamrock Civil Engineering the contract to undertake the Canungra Hardstand Project on the Kokoda Barracks Defence Base.

Scope of Work

  • Refurbishment and reinstatement of the vehicle parking site at Kokoda Barracks
  • Removal of existing and disused wash point
  • Repair of the existing fence and existing gates as well as the upgrade of the access driveway to meet traffic use
  • The existing subbase material was able to be reused onsite therefore the new pavement was constructed off the stripped surface, increasing the height of the new pavement 350mm above the stripped and prepared subgrade surface
  • To facilitate the increase in pavement height, the gradient of the new pavement was required to transition down to meet the existing pavement at the north-west driveway and also the southern driveway
  • The areas behind the new kerbs were finished with topsoil and turf and graded to match existing levels at a maximum of 1:4 gradient
  • Install new stormwater drainage including 300mm diameter stormwater drainage pipes, collection chamber, diversion chamber, field inlet pit, headwall and Urban Asset Solutions Stormwater treatment unit

Project Complications & Achievements

Revised Earthworks Methodology & Alternate Stormwater Treatment Chamber to reduce the programme duration and provide a value for money cost saving to Defence.