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Cell 3 Dooen Landfill Horsham

By June 12th, 2023Landfill, Victoria

Cell 3 Dooen

Landfill Horsham


Ladlow Road, Kalkee VIC


Horsham Rural City Council

Duration of Project

October 2020 – September 2021

Contract Value

$2.4 Million

Shamrock Civil Engineering were engaged by Horsham Rural City Council to undertake the construction of Cell 3A and Leachate Pond 2 at the Dooen Landfill approximately 5km north of Horsham. Shamrock completed works in September 2021 delivering significant additional airspace and leachate capacity to the site. All works were constructed in accordance with EPA regulation and under third party supervision.

Scope of Work

Cell 3 Scope

  • Bulkout, cut to stockpile approx. 100,000m3
  • Supply and install ~40,000m2 of geosynthetic liner including GCL, HDPE, drainage, geo-composite and geo-textiles
  • Supply and install leachate collection system, leachate aggregate and protection soils

Leachate pond scope

  • Subgrade and clay liner filler
  • HDPE geo-membrane

Project Complications & Achievements

Utilising Shamrock’s significant landfill cell construction knowledge we proposed design innovations to Horsham Rural City Council that resulted in significant cost savings for the client as well as improving the ongoing operations of the facility. Shamrock successfully delivered the project with zero LTI’s and zero environmental incidents.