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Damascus Barracks Civil Works

Damascus Barracks

Civil Works


Meeandah QLD


Department of Defence (Aurecon)

Duration of Project

August 2019 – January 2020

Contract Value

$2.3 Million

Shamrock Civil was awarded the Damascus Barracks Civil Works project which involved the upgrade and refurbishments to various roads and the base boundary fence line.

Scope of Work

The roadworks upgrade work comprised of:
  • Subsurface repair of existing roads
  • Raising existing roads to new finish level
  • 740m of deep lift asphalt pavement works
  • New type G BCC kerb
  • New 1:4 batter and shoulder to new road
  • Raising of existing service pits and hydrants to match new road levels
  • Landscaping of batters and road shoulder
  • 4nr storm water culvert lines and various ACO drains throughout
The fence upgrade comprised of:
  • Replacement of 2382m of existing boundary fence with new Defense type 2security fence
  • Double sided mowing strip
  • 3 new security gates

Project Complications & Achievements

Shamrock civil successfully delivered the project with zero LTI’s and zero NCR’s. The works were performed in a staged manner to ensure smooth operation of base activities at all times.