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Mount Stuart Training Area 3 year road works

By October 31st, 2022Defence, North Queensland, project

Mount Stuart

Training Area 3 year Road Works


Mt Stuart Training Area, North Queensland


Augility (Department of Defence)

Duration of Project

December 2020 – May 2021

Contract Value

$1.95 Million

Shamrock Civil was awarded the Mt Stuart Training Area 3 Year Road work project to upgrade the Main Access Road and the FFR1 Track.

Scope of Work

Construction Main Access Road

  • Construction of Lay-by area, asphalt bund, clean and reshape table drain, construction of table drain at layby area, installation of Road edge guide posts and signage , construction of kerbs, installation of guardrail, remediation of culverts and hydro-mulching.

Construction of FFR1 Track

  • Re-sheet with import 150mm of type 2.3 (CBR45), including compaction and regrade, Import & Re-sheet with 300mm of type 2.3 (CBR45), including compaction and regrade, Invert Type 3 – 150 Concrete on 150mm Sub-base, Invert Type 4 – 150 Rock on 150 Sub-Base, Rock protection, Table drain, hydro-mulching, Diversion bund, New Culvert including headwall and construction Of cul de sac -including  clearing, cut, fill, excavation, disposal, bases and compaction.

Project Complications & Achievements

Due to the existing ground conditions throughout the crossings, it was not possible to achieve the specified compaction of the Type 2.3 material. Due to rain events, the crossings had constant surface & subsurface flows making it difficult to achieve the specified compaction. As such, Shamrock Civil Engineering proposed to replace the Type 2.3 material (in both Type 3 and Type 4 crossings) with a rock layer (75mm nominal rock), 150mm thick.