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Melbourne Regional Landfill (MRL) Cell 3B

Melbourne Regional

Landfill (MRL) Cell 3B


Ravenhall VIC


Cleanaway Solid Waste Pty Ltd

Duration of Project

January 2017 – November 2017

Contract Value

$4.5 Million

Shamrock Civil Engineering was awarded this project, following on from our high-quality work and successful completion of the evapotranspiration capping at Melbourne Regional Landfill and the construction of Cell 4B at Victory Road landfill in 2016. Cell 3B involved the construction of a new 80,000m2 landfill cell adjacent to the existing operating landfill facility in Ravenhall, Melbourne.

Scope of Work

  • Bulk earthworks consisted of the removal of 16,000m3 of rock, placement of41,000m3 of subgrade and placement of 40,000m3 of clay material
  • Lining works consisted of the installation of 79,000m2 of GCL, supply and installation of 69,000m2 of smooth/textured HDPE liner and installation of78,000m2 of cushion geo-textile
  • The leachate collection system consisted of the supply and installation of4 x 800m of 160/100mm dia perforated/solid HDPE pipes and 3 x 560mmdia vertical leachate risers. Pipes were then covered with a 300mm layer of leachate gravel (20,000m3), with 78,000m2 of filter geotextile material placed over the stone.

Project Complications & Achievements

Shamrock Civil Engineering worked 28,223 man hours to complete the project, with zero LTI’s recorded.