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New Chum

Landfill - Cell 3A


New Chum, QLD



Duration of Project

January 2021 – July 2021

Contract Value


Shamrock Civil Engineering were appointed by Cleanaway to complete the construction of a lined leachate pond at New Chum landfill. The project included construction of the underground drainage system and fencing around the pond.

Scope of Work

  • Pre-qualification sampling and testing of lining and earthwork materials
  • Approx. 50,000m3 of earthworks fill material, including spoil removal and fill for the engineered fill and select fill placement
  • Supply and installation of the underground draining system and included approx. 1,000m of panel drains and connections
  • Installations of GCL and HDPE liner
  • Haul road and access tracks around the perimeter of the pond

Project Complications & Achievements

Shamrock Civil found sourcing specific fill material to construct the pond was a challenge, however we overcame this by using excavators with sieve buckets to process engineered fill from stockpiled material on site.
Shamrock Civil successfully delivered this project without any environmental breaches and lost time injury free.