CLIENT: Aurecon (Department of Defence)
VALUE: $2.2 million
DURATION: March 2019 – November 2019


Shamrock Civil was awarded the Gallipoli Barracks Civil Works project which involved the upgrade to the Dam Embankment and Spillway within the Gallipoli Barracks at Enoggera.

Scope of works

The embankment upgrade work comprised:

    • Partial dewatering and monitoring of the existing dam to facilitate the construction activities
    • Excavation and placement of 10,000m3 fill within the downstream batter and Installation of 6800 tonnes of new sand filter
    • Installation of new rip rock and armour rock on the upstream batter as required to reinstate the erosion protection layer
    • Installation of new rock and concrete lined drains and V notch weir to capture and measure dam seepage
    • Upgrade of the existing maintenance access tracks and vibration monitoring wells

The spillway upgrade comprised:

    • Upgrading the existing thin spillway wall by installation of formwork, reinforcing and concrete to create a broad crested weir to increase the storage capacity of the dam
    • Installation of shotcrete protection on the channel batters to assist in erosion protection.

    Shamrock Civil planned and designed the erosion and sediment controls and temporary drainage systems so that in an event the project site was not inundated with storm water.
    Due to contamination issues, Shamrock Civil proposed a pavement design that reduced the amount of cut by bringing the pavement level higher. This resulted in a smaller amount of contaminated material that needed to be treated.