CLIENT: Lendlease Developments
VALUE: $5 million – $10 million
DURATION: November 2014 – May 2015

Shamrock Civil were awarded the contract to construct the King Street North Civil Works Package as part of the RNA Showgrounds Redevelopment. The scope of works were as follows:

  • Removal of all redundant services and surfaces.
  • Excavation, removal and disposal of contaminated soil within the King Street North road reserve.
  • Completion of deep and shallow services, earthworks, roadworks, traffic signals, retaining walls, bio-basins, excavation around existing trees to be retained and associated works.
  • Installation of new and relocated trees.
  • Installation of stormwater pipes and culverts in addition to drainage chambers and subsoils.

Challenges included unsuitable subgrade, wet weather conditions and in-ground services clashing with new design. To overcome this, the project team were proactive in spotting potential problems to allow for design and coordination changes.

Lendlease commended Shamrock Civil on the quality and programming of the works. In light of this, the project team was presented with a safety award for their continual dedication and commitment to safety. Furthermore, the project was completed with zero LTIs and finished within the original programme.