CLIENT: Auctus Resources
VALUE: $1 million – $5 million
DURATION: August 2016 – January 2017

Shamrock Civil Engineering were contracted by Auctus Resources to carry out all the civil works for the zinc-rich King Vol polymetallic base metal deposit.

Shamrock Civil commenced works on a dam (the King Vol Clean Water Dam, CWD) with a maximum storage capacity of 200 ML, to contain water from the production bores. The intent of the production bores was to reduce the groundwater level surrounding the proposed underground mining at the King Vol Satellite Deposit site. Clear Water dam was a 15m high wall and 160m long, which included the placement and compaction of 29000m3 of material on the wall.

Shamrock Civil continued works on the portal of the King Vol mine, where 30,000m3 of spoil was removed from a 12m deep excavation. Parallel with the portal works, Shamrock commenced works on the sediment dam, where the underground water would be pumped. The sediment pond was 355m long and 9m high, were shamrock placed approximately 25,000m3 of material on the wall.

Shamrock Civil also performed all the civil works around the King Vol mine such as, roadworks, v-drains, office pads, fuel and generator pads, mine products storage locations, clearing and grubbing, etc.

The final works for Shamrock Civil was the construction of the mine water dam (MWD), where the underground water would be pumped from the sediment dam. MWD was 7m high and 100m long, which involved placing approximately 19000m3 of material on the wall.