CLIENT: Cleanaway
VALUE: $3.6 million
DURATION: January 2019 – July 2019


SCE were engaged by Cleanaway on the New Chum Landfill to undertake construction of cell 3A. This follows on from the successful delivery of Cell 4B on New Chum and cell construction in Victoria. A brief description of the works includes bulk earthworks, geo-synthetics lining work, leachate collection system and concrete works to construct a fully functional landfill cell.

Scope of works
  • Subgrade works – 10,919m3
  • Engineering Fill – 18,450m3
  • Anchor trench Construction – 1100m
  • Deployment of GCL 61,700m2
  • Deployment of HDPE 61,700m2
  • Deployment of Protection geotextile 62,300M2
  • Deployment of Separation geotextile 27,300 m2
  • Construction of leachate collection system including perforated polyethylene pipes, leachate sump riser, 300mm thick aggregate layer & separation geotextile materials.

Shamrock Civil developed a safety innovation where trolleys were used to move sandbags from the sandbag hopper to the work face. This innovation reduced the amount of manual handling carried out on-site. Shamrock Civil adopted staging plans and a two week look ahead to assist in construction meetings and on-site planning with the clients, subcontractors & Quality inspectors.