CLIENT: Augility (Department of Defence)
VALUE: $3.1 million
DURATION: January 2019 – June 2019


Shamrock Civil was awarded the RAAF Amberley Civil Works project which consisted of 2 main work areas, the Fire Training Facility (FTF) and the Air Traffic Control Carpark.

Scope of works

Fire Training Facility:

    • Road refurbishment to increase the pavement strength to withstand the design vehicles and design life
    • Road widening to better suit the maneuverability of the design vehicles within the training area
    • Re-grading drainage channels within the extent of works to minimise scour
    • Demolish, remove and install new drainage infrastructure and cross culverts
    • Reinstatement of road furniture such as lines and signs
    • Relocation of electrical poles that were affected by the road widening

Air Traffic Control Carpark:

    • Recording of the existing line marking (survey) within the carpark where the pavement is being rehabilitated
    • Mill existing pavement and dispose of the PFAS Contaminated material
    • Localised pavement repairs
    • Apply specific pavement finish type to the relative areas
    • Reinstate line marking, signs and street furniture affected during construction, and conduct As-Constructed survey of fine levels and features

    Shamrock Civil successfully managed the contaminated soils by implementing a staged conservative construction methodology to prevent any contaminated water runoff. Furthermore, Shamrock Civil also mobilized and operated a water treatment plant to assist with the management of contaminated water due to the PFAS Contaminated Soils. The works within the FTF were completed a month ahead of programme which allowed the RAAF Fire Training Unit to return to their facilities early.