CLIENT: Aurecon (Department of Defence)

VALUE: $1.3 million

DURATION: March 2019 – August 2019


Shamrock Civil Engineering was awarded the contract to deliver the new access route for the APC and to repair the collection and treatment of the stormwater runoff at the existing wash bay within Camp Kerr Wide Bay Training Area. This was an environmentally sensitive project with endangered plants and vulnerable wildlife inhabiting the area. Surveys of the area were conducted before construction activities to protect populations in the vicinity.

Scope of works
  • Upgrade the existing stormwater pits within the wash bay
  • Install new 300mm dia RCP connecting to the new pits and discharging into the existing stormwater channel
  • Install new waste storage basin
  • New wash bay hoses, nozzles and reels to replace existing 6 washing devices
  • Maintenance/service to the existing sediment basin, pipes and Humeceptor
  • Install a concrete access pavement from the vehicle set down area to the existing wash bay for APC vehicles
  • Install new APC track at the unloading bay to the vehicle set down area
  • Realignment of the existing APC Track 1 route and install a new concrete pavement over the Route 20 roadway
  • Repair the existing erosion and sediment of the existing APC Track 2
  • Variation Works – Floodway to Fire Trail Track and Assault Grenade Range Maintenance Works

Shamrock Civil received a glowing acknowledgement from the Defence Regional Environmental Officer for the management of the rare flora and fauna species known to be within the work zones.
The variation works were to be released as a separate tender however Aurecon determined it was better value for money, reduced impact to Base operations, and more time efficient to have Shamrock Civil complete these works whilst already mobilised on site with the relevant equipment to perform these works.