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Sarina Waste Transfer Station

Location: Sarina, Mackay, QLD
Value: $2.45 million
Client: Mackay Regional Council
Duration: 5 months
Description: Shamrock Civil was engaged by the Mackay Regional Council to construct the new Waste Transfer Station in Sarina. The new facility services the local area and acts as a sorting station for recyclable waste.
The project forms part of the Council’s Waste Services Strategic Plan and has a design life of 20 years. The facility will help the Council ensure it achieves State Government efficiency and environmental targets. The primary objective of the project was to replace the existing waste station situated on site.
The scope of works included:
  • Importing and placing approximately 19,000m3 of select fill from local sources. Extensive quality assurance testing and reporting was undertaken to ensure compliance with the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ specifications;
  • Construction of a 3m high staggered retaining wall and ground support slabs, requiring detailed coordination of several key subcontractors and tradesmen;
  • Fabrication and installation of curved steel bin awnings;
  • Construction of 6,200m2 of a paved access road, carparking and storage areas;
  • Extensive swale drains, bio-remediation systems and landscaping; and
  • Working under live traffic conditions, requiring a five stage traffic management plan with local stakeholder consultation.
The works were carried out in three separate stages to ensure the operation of the existing facility was not affected by construction activity. Shamrock Civil were mindful of the environment, interaction with members of the public and local cane producers. Shamrock Civil was proactive in communicating with the Council on a daily basis, which resulted in a successful project.