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Shamrock celebrates Mates in Construction Day

Shamrock celebrates Mates in Construction Fly the Flag Day

Suicide has wide ranging and long lasting social and economic impacts on families, work colleagues and communities. A death by suicide has a ripple effect, impacting those around the bereaved with conflicting emotions. Suicide has a major cost to the community through its effect on others as unresolved grief leads to increased use of health services, absenteeism and social functioning by those bereaved. Suicide attempts resulting in a fatality or total incapacity and those resulting in a short leave from employment in the Queensland construction industry cost $345 million in 2012.

The estimated suicide risk in the Queensland construction industry has dropped by 7.8% since the introduction of MATES in Construction. Shamrock Civil are proud to participate in the Mates In Construction Fly The Flag day, which coincides with RUOK? day. MATES In Construction provides suicide prevention through community development programs on sites, and by supporting workers in need through case management and a 24/7 help line.


Each year we hold a BBQ lunch across our job sites and offices, raising funds for the organization. We proudly cultivate an environment for our team to chat about their mental health or anything else that might be troubling them.

If you need help today tell someone, or if you notice someone who may be struggling, ask them and together reach out for help.

MATES in Construction 24/7 Helpline 1300 642 111
Suicide Callback 1300 659 467
In case of emergency call 000