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Townsville Field Training Area (TFTA) 3 Year Road Works

By November 1st, 2022Defence, North Queensland, project

Townsville Field Training Area

3 Year Road Works (Year One)


Townsville Field Training Area, QLD


Aurecon (Department of Defence)

Duration of Project

June 2020 – December 2020

Contract Value

$6.4 Million

Shamrock Civil were awarded the project to deliver road maintenance and upgrades within Piccadilly Sector to the primary (Piccadilly Road) and secondary roads (Jacks Road and Unnamed Road) within Townsville Field Training Area. Upon completion of these works Shamrock Civil were awarded variation road maintenance works in the Northern Sector to the Super Highway and Kiery’s Road (combined 25km) and Star Road (10km).

Scope of Work

  • UXO Investigation and Clearance
  • Environmental Management & vegetation clearing
  • Bulk excavate surplus material to spoil of 2000t.
  • Bulk fill scoured out areas of 1500t
  • Gravel Supply/Top up, Light, Medium & Heavy formation grading
  • Placement average 150mm layer of 2.5 gravel material on 36km unsealed road (40,000t of gravel)
  • Reshape table drains
  • Cement stabilise cutoff walls and floodways
  • Reconstruct existing Rock Check Dam
  • Repair existing signs, replace guide posts/markers and install new signs
  • Installation of around 650 rock check dams. Construction of drains of a total length 124km
  • Rock protection (200mm and 500mm)
  • Replace head/end wall

Project Complications & Achievements

Shamrock Civil successfully delivered this project on time, within budget and with86,400 hours LTI free, and with nil environmental incidents. Shamrock Civil successfully manufactured all quarry materials required from the sources available at Mount St Michael Quarry within TFTA preventing the necessity to import materials and therefore negating the risk of weed introduction to TFTA.