CLIENT: Lendlease Building
VALUE: $6 million
DURATION: July 2017 – November 2018


Lendlease awarded Shamrock Civil the civil works package for the AIR 5431 PH/2 – Defence Air Traffic Management System and ADF Air Traffic Control Complex Infrastructure Oakey Stages 3 and 22 Project.

Scope of works
  • Demolition works including removal of existing structures and vegetation
  • Construction of numerous temporary construction pads including piling platform, crane pad, tower prefab pad, scaffold platform, crane and concrete pump pad
  • Waterproof, backfill and compact behind lift pit walls and retaining walls
  • Construction of building pad, import engineered select fill, place and compact fill
  • Installation of stormwater infrastructure system, downpipe connections and underground rainwater tank and associated pipework
  • Construction of new roads and crossings, preparation of the pavement subgrade, supply, place and compaction of all imported fill and granular pavement layers, completion of the finished surfacing
  • Management, treatment and disposal of PFAS contaminated soils, sludge and water
  • Hardscape and softscape landscaping

Shamrock Civil provided a revised construction methodology whereby the working platform used as a bench to construct the retaining wall footings was used for the backfill of the retaining wall. Therefore offering cost savings for Lendlease on both import fill and disposal. Shamrock Civil proposed the use of concrete canvass in lieu of Shotcrete which provided Lendlease with a considerable cost saving on this project.