CLIENT: SUEZ Recycling & Recovery
VALUE: $6.3 million
DURATION: Sep 2017 – Apr 2018


Shamrock Civil Engineering was awarded the construction of Cell 12 at Hallam Road Landfill for SUEZ Recycling & Recovery.

Scope of works
  • 164,600m3 subgrade excavation and filling
  • Construction of 250lm of access roads including road drains, safety bunds and stormwater diversion bund
  • Installation of Groundwater Collection System including excavation, 2,000lm of pipe, drains, geotextile, aggregate, precast concrete pit and ballast
  • Construction of 1m thick compacted clay liner including 39,500m3 of excavation, trim / preparation of 40,400m2 compacted clay liner and 510lm of anchor trenches
  • Installation of 41,500m2 of HDPE geomembrane to cell floor and batters
  • Supply and installation of 38,200m2 cushion geotextile, 37,800m2 separation geotextile, 3,450m2 drainage geocomposite, reinforcement and ballast
  • Supply and installation of Leachate Collection System including 1,670lm pipe, 12,200m3 aggregate and vertical sump riser

Shamrock Civil Engineering successfully completed the project on time and budget, with no LTI’s or environmental breaches.