CLIENT: Hanson Landfill Services Pty Ltd
VALUE: $2 million
DURATION: Nov 2017 – Aug 2018


Shamrock Civil Engineering was awarded the construction of Cell 12 at Wollert Landfill for Hanson Landfill Services.

Scope of works
  • Bulk earthworks and excavation
  • Construction of subsurface drain and bunds
  • Placement of 200mm thick layer of select scalps on side slopes
  • Construction of 1m thick compacted clay liner
  • Installation of pipe sleeves, GCL, textured geomembrane, cushion geotextile, permanent ballast, leachate collection pipes and leachate  aggregate
  • Placement of 300 mm thick layer of quarry dust on bunds
  • Installation of the separation geotextile and horizontal landfill gas extraction system

The entire separation geotextile layer (27,000m2) was completed in one day.
Open communication was maintained with Hanson Landfill Services to prevent any delay to landfill maintenance operator activities.
Shamrock Civil Engineering successfully completed this project without any LTI’s or environmental breaches.